Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament


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For 27 years, Grampians disAbility Advocacy Association has stood beside people with disability and their families across our region to support them to exercise their voices about their rights. This process can be life changing for many people, especially those who have been and are the most disadvantaged in our society. Notably, this includes First Nations people and communities.

We know that First Nations peoples hold the knowledge and expertise as to how best to develop policies for their communities and to speak for their communities. This is what the Voice to Parliament will provide.

Given that First Nations people – nationally and in our region – have spoken to ask for recognition through The Voice, Grampians disAbility Advocacy Association respects and honours that by standing alongside our First Nations colleagues in favour of The Voice and we urge you to vote Yes in the coming referendum to help deliver the outcome desired by Aboriginal Australia.

Supporting recognition of First Nations Australia and their Voice to Parliament in this way is completely consistent with our collaborative, proactive approach to our advocacy work and to our organisational vision of an equitable and inclusive society that upholds the rights of people to be empowered and thrive in life.

To speak up for what your community needs is a basic human right. To be heard is another. To be involved – in the spirit of self-determination – in decisions that affect you, your community, your people is another. The clear majority of Aboriginal Australians want a Voice to exercise those rights.

Vote Yes if – like Grampians disAbility Advocacy Association – you agree that those rights are important.

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